Love Your Life!

When we love our life, and live our passion we are living from wholeness, an integration of all that we are, and we experience life in a much different way than when we live solely from our body and mind alone. 

I’m all about integrating spirit, mind and body. I help people discover the ways and means to live life with passion, with joy, and authenticity. 

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Living Enlightened!

25 Practices
Integrating Spirit Mind & Body

Does it ever feel as if you are living two lives? In one, it feels like you’re running in the proverbial rat race of life, moving fast, working hard, doing the same things days after day, and not really getting anywhere? Or at least nowhere meaningful? And the other life presents itself in those moments of sheer perfection, like when you’re watching––no, experiencing––the perfect sunset, and you have this overwhelming feeling that all is well, that life is good. Time slows down and that peace that passes all understanding permeates your entire being. Living enlightened brings the moments of sheer perfection into the entirety of our life. 

Isn’t that what we all want on some level? That sense of being fully alive and connected to even the most simple everyday task, connected to each other, and perhaps even connected to something greater than ourselves? That is the thought that pushed me, or pulled me into living enlightened everyday.

This book presents an integrative path to transcending the ego—the small mind—releasing preconceived ideas,      letting go of fears and resentment, and allowing ourselves to become fully immersed in the present moment so we may feel the Joy, the Peace, the Wealth and Prosperity, the overwhelming Love and Divine Intuition that is only available when we are in alignment with the All There Is, and integrating spirit, mind and body. Living enlightened is the realization that we are one with Life, and that we can create our personal paradise on earth and no less.

I’m excited to share that with you…

Live Your Passion!