Inspiring People to Live Enlightened Everyday
Inspiring People to Live Enlightened Everyday

Transform everyday experiences into enlightened ones!

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Live Your Authentic Life

To live authentically, one has to really question and understand who they really are – spiritually, of course (we are […]

Separate Together

The world is a different place than it was just a few weeks ago. It seems like everything we were […]

Asking the Right Questions

One of the differences between an enlightened person and another is their questions.  For example, after a relationship fails one […]

Laugh, Love, and Live Enlightened

The path of enlightenment is transformational. It is experiencing what is on the human plane, on this earth, in this body, from a spiritual perspective, as a spiritual being, so we may actually transform any experience from a seemingly limited one into an unlimited one; we transform the mundane to the sublime. We can transform everyday experiences into enlightened ones. Enlightenment is our natural creative state, and a state of simple connection with the Divine in all things.


Laugh, Love, and Live Enlightened Everyday!