The world is a different place than it was just a few months ago. It seems like everything we were watching on the news, we are now experiencing at our front door, in our communities, in our homes. My life has shifted now that I personally know a few people with the Corona virus, and we have all, everyone of us, been affected by this phenomenon.

I was telling a friend that between the news, the conversations with friends and neighbors and family, with my son’s teachers, and even strangers in the grocery store lines, the stress feels like it is ‘sticking’ to me. I find that I am walking around by the end of the day with these bits and pieces of stress stuck to me like dust and grit from a journey. And that’s ok, as long as I have some method of removing it at the end of each day. Otherwise it just builds and builds until the fear, and the wall of stress, become what I am experiencing most.

As fear creeps in, which it inevitably does under the stresses of living in such a changed– and charged– environment, I find myself rededicated to my spiritual practices. I am meditating more and more, finding a sweet place of peace and calm within the silence of my own mind. I can literally feel my shoulders relaxing and light flood my body as my mind slowly turns quiet.

Together, we all know that this too shall pass. Together we trust that there is something very worthwhile that will come out of this. I can look back at any previous situation which I had perceived as stressful or challenging, and I have come to realize the inherent value in it. 

I am reading books that I had ordered many months, even years(!) ago and becoming inspired. I am reminded that there is only One Truth, it is the same Truth now as it has always been, as it will always and forever continue to be. Yes, there are the daily things like food and shelter and precautions that we must accomplish ––but this can be an amazing time for spiritual grounding as well. This can be the perfect time for renewal, for strengthening what we know to be true about God, about Life, about Peace and Joy.

I invite everyone who has my number to call me for any reason – I am available. Email me, write on this blog or our FaceBook page at Center for Spiritual Living Jacksonville. I am here for you and I am grateful for the many times we have all been there for each other. I invite you all to deepen –or begin –your spiritual practices, especially meditation of any kind. Just be quiet in mind and body to release any buildup of negativity.

Be still and know that I Am God.

elle cantey