When we pause for Divine Guidance, we realize: the pause IS the answer!

No matter how we are doing or what we are going through, we have an amazing spiritual consciousness—our natural state of Beingness—that is patiently waiting for us to discover, to use, and to count on to create resolutions and healing in our life

Being aware—awakened or enlightened—is not an activity of the finite mind. It is who we are behind or enveloping the finite mind. Awareness is available all the time. But it is not in time. It is between the breath, between the thoughts, between the feelings, and sensations, between the concepts. When we relax our attention and focus on these things, and we let them float by like the clouds, we then realize we are the sky that contains the clouds. We are open and spacious and changeless. We realize that this is what we’ve always been, what we always are, and what we will always be.

But… We cannot experience ourselves as the blue sky as if it were an object. It has no objective qualities. It is pure awareness, pure spirit, pure being-ness. When we are aware of something—thoughts, feelings, or sensations—we, the subject, are aware of the things as objects. When we pause, as in meditation or just between the breath, or the thoughts—we are Awareness itself. Pure consciousness.

What we are looking for is not in the pause. We don’t have to pause for the answer. The pause is the answer.

The spacious empty sky is the answer. And yet somehow, that does not comfort our finite mind at all! So many times we are looking for an answer as a thought, a visualization, a realization, concrete words and concepts, or literal pictures in our head. But the actual spaciousness is the answer—because in this spaciousness, we are our whole, perfect, and complete Self.

So, you might ask, what do we do with the situation in our life that need resolve? When we bring our focus and attention back to the issues that need resolving—then the concepts, and the words, and the intuition, flow. We have new ideas or guidance and we feel empowered to resolve the situation.

So we remember: 

I am aware of my thoughts. I am aware as they arise and they leave.

I am aware of my feelings I am aware as they rise up, and as they dissolve. 

I am aware of the sensations in my body. I can feel the tension, or the tingling, or the heat, rise, and then go away.

I am aware of the sounds as they come and go. I am aware of the smells.

I am that which is aware.

I am not that which I am aware of. I am not the thoughts that come and go. I am not the feelings that arise and leave. I am not the sensations. I am not the sounds and smells and tastes. I am that which is aware. Everything I am aware of will come and go. But I, Awareness—the spacious blue sky—I am constant and always available.

The spacious sky has no problem with the storm, or the spring shower, or the clouds that show up and then leave. The sky has no judgment. It cannot say yes, this is good or no, I don’t like this. The sky accepts all. Nothing can change or alter the sky—it is changeless, timeless and eternal. The storms or clouds do not leave a trace. They do not mar or hurt the vast sky of awareness. Awareness or consciousness has never been changed by anything that enters into it.

All during the day, as we take a moment between our thoughts, between our breath—that space of Awareness becomes the answer. In that space, our Being is whole, perfect and complete. The words, concepts, actual solutions come, and we are empowered to resolve any situations that arise in our life!

elle cantey