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12 week transformational Journey

Living Enlightened

This course is based on my new book by the same title. In this course, you discover the tools and practices to uncover hidden beliefs that have held you back anon longer serve you. And you rediscover the beliefs that align with your true Self, so that you unleash the joy, the passion and creativity that keeps you loving your life and living your passion.


“I loved having the support and understanding that Elizabeth provided for me. I needed some drastic changes in my life and wasn’t ready to create them. I didn’t know how. She gave me tools and practices and worksheets to keep me on track. I am in a much better place than I could’ve imagined 6 months ago. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

10 Week transformational journey

Mysticism Demystified

Course description coming soon..

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30 Day immersion

30 Days to Abundance

Course description coming soon.

Online COurse

Meditation Made Easy

Course Description coming soon.

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7 Days to Success

One and D.O.N.E

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“Working with Elizabeth has changed my life. She opened my eyes to the possibilities of rediscovering my dreams and creating them as my new reality! At my age! She is kind, but she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, either. I am grateful to have had her as a big part of my new life.”

Let's Do This

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate all the lofty spiritual ideas you've read about into your life?

These courses help you to do just that.  They take you from concept to concrete action to amazing result!