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Transformational Opportunities

Explore working with Elizabeth in order
to live your passion…
and love the life you're living!

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After all of the shifts and changes in the past year, you may be feeling a little off…

a little stressed…

or even a lot stressed…

It’s not always easy to feel when our energy shifts over time. Stress builds up.
Fear gets stuck in our body. Thoughts of lack and limitation get stuck in our mind.

And we are not the joyful, healthy, resourceful person we know we could be.

We’re not loving our life…
We’re not living our passion…

It's time to get whole, get healthy, get happy...

If not now, when?

When we are healthy, we create the changes we want to see in our life. And we let go of the things, the thoughts and the habits that no longer serve us. We develop thoughts, ideas, and habits that integrate spirit, mind and body so we feel more balanced, in the flow, and in harmony with life. We remember how to love life again. 

We feel peace as our mind releases the negative and revels in the positive; we feel the energy and vitality return to our body. We live our passion and our days are full of peace, joy, and fulfillment!

No matter where you are in your life—your health, your relationships, your career—you are moments away from wholeness and happiness.

I'm Elizabeth Cantey

I am passionate about helping people to love their life and live their passion.

I hold a doctorate in consciousness studies with an emphasis on exploring world mysticism and have spent many years studying with influential teachers to unlock the secrets of living a successful and joyful life.

I spent countless years searching for the ‘hidden’ meaning of life, the reason we’re here, and what the heck we are supposed to be doing! The amazing thing is––I discovered answers to the questions I had. I found what I was looking for! As a result, I have created techniques and practices to simplify the learning process I went through. I now help people integrate spirit, mind, and body in order to live each day with a deep sense of purpose, passion and fulfillment.

I have written a book entitled Living Enlightened –– the Joy of Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body. It is a condensed commentary of some of the practices that led to my standing in the light of Oneness and Wholeness. For me, awakening came the moment I realized that enlightenment is not a destination, but a journey we were each born to take. And now, we can take that journey together! The book, along with the workbook, will be available on Amazon and in bookstores this May, 2023!

For 25 years, I have had a successful coaching and speaking career, and I look forward to helping you to discover new ways to love your life and to live your passion, openly sharing who you are—and who you came here to be—with the world!  Are you ready? 

The Living ENlightened Program

Join me for a 12 Week
Transformational Journey

This is a one-to-one coaching opportunity to lift you to new levels of awareness, and integrate your spirit, mind, and body.

(Now with a bonus introductory session!)

Creating a life you love starts with this:
Integrating Spirit, Mind, and body.

What you will gain from this transformational experience:

  • Experience a renewed sense of peace and power as you use the unique techniques and practices I show you.
  • Master powerful practices like meditation, visualization and journaling to transform old beliefs and habits.
  • Feel confident and peaceful as you learn to respond to situations rather than react to what is going on around you.
Discover the compelling vision for your life and feel empowered to live it, now.
  • Discover new approaches to self-care that will leave you feeling recharged and energized.
  • Create powerful and measurable changes you want to see in your life.
  • Learn how your thoughts and feelings have determined your choices up to now—and how to completely turn that around.
  • Experience wholeness, wellness and well-being as the cornerstone of your life.

12 Week Online Program

The Living Enlightened Transformational Journey

  • Twelve one hour, one-to-one sessions with Elizabeth on Zoom. Plus one free 45 minute introductory session.

  • You will rediscover your vision, values and purpose and determine how you are in, or out, of alignment with them. 
  • We’ll determine short term and longer term goals for you.
You’ll receive access to journals, ebooks and workbooks created just for your journey.
  • You’ll receive 6 guided meditations created by Elizabeth for you, for your specific transformational journey.

New session begins in May.

No longer accepting reservations for May sessions—

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Ready to fuel your spiritual growth?

What has been holding you back? Covid? Health? Relationships? Creativity? Abundance?

When we get in touch with our inner Self, our inner Guide, we live our life from the inside out. We create change rather than just being subjecting to it. We align with our highest good and allow it to unfold in wonderful new ways in our life. Check out one of my courses or coaching programs to see what will move you into a more creative, healthy way of living.

More programs available for
integrating spirit, mind and body.

Love your life. Live your passion.


One week Intensive


This program is my One and Done mini course and in one short week you’ll learn four key steps to creating the changes you want to see in your life. We discover what is in the way, clear it, and create something wonderful.


30 Days of immersion

Meditation Made Easy

In this personalized program, we explore together all the different ways of meditation so that you find exactly what works for and when, so that you can experience the many benefits of meditation in your body and mind.


Robert was able to discover hidden limiting beliefs about his success, and replace those beliefs with powerful new ones that allowed him to blossom into transformation.

“I was in a new job and couldn’t make it work until I went through Elizabeth’s transformational coaching program. I sold my first big project the first week! She helped me realize the beliefs that were holding me back. And overcome them.”


One-Hour Call

Discovery & Strategy Session

Before we begin any coaching, we get to know each other on a zoom call. We can identify goals and set the scene on how to accomplish those goals.

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John had been through a lot of changes that were weighing him down. He needed a program to connect spirit, mind, and body in order to experience vital energy, clarity and peace.

“When I moved here my life was so messy. I felt completely lost. I didn’t realize that such a big chunk of my life was missing. I found peace when I found Elizabeth!”