One of the differences between an enlightened person and another is their questions.  For example, after a relationship fails one might ask themselves: Why does this always happen to me?  Why do I always attract the crazy ones?  Why was he such a jerk?  Is that what I get for following my heart?  These questions will get answered by the ego.  The small mind will tell you exactly why this always happens to you: because you never listen, because you are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough… The ego will go on and on with the answers and even find more exasperating questions to ask: Why can’t I just find the right girl?  When will I ever learn?  and the answers will come, again, en masse: because you don’t have enough money, because you always get screwed, because you’re never going to amount to anything, because life is hard…  

The craziest part is that when we hear those voices, most of the time, we know where they came from!  You can actually hear the voice of your high school coach or your step dad, or your grandparents or your first boss.  You know you shouldn’t believe these voices, but there they are, and we’ve made them our own.  Some of us actually think as we critique ourselves that we are helping ourselves!  But that is so very far from the Truth.  These answers not only don’t help us in this situation, but we keep ourselves from growing and unfolding into our enlightenment.  We find ourselves stuck in familiar, but strangely comfortable patterns.

What if you asked different questions?

When the Enlightened encounter a problem, they don’t ask:  Why does this always happen to me?  They simply ask within: What shall I do Now? And if action is possible or practical, they will take an action that comes from a connection to the All That There Is.  In other words, the action is directed by Source.  If no action is possible, they will simply be present in the situation. The Enlightened ask: What can I learn form this? or What does the Universe need me to do with this? or, Have I learned everything I can from this situation?  Being in the moment, without projections onto the future, or comparisons to the past, the GodMind is free to handle the situation in the best way possible.

Imagine how your life would change by just changing the quality of your self questioning!

elle cantey