Applying the Law of Attraction to Live a Passionate and Fulfilling Life

Last week, we explored the ancient wisdom of what I call the Ultimate Law of Attraction and its significance in our lives. Today, we continue by examining how we can successfully apply the Law of Attraction to attract what we truly desire and live a fulfilling and passionate life. 

In that podcast, I shared my interpretation of a scripture from the Christian New Testament, Matthew 6:25-34, which emphasized—Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven and All Else Will Be Added to You. For the longest time, I associated the kingdom of heaven with a distant and unattainable place, detached from the joys and pleasures of really living. Eventually, I came to understand that the kingdom of heaven is simply our natural state of being—a state of enlightenment, peace, and spaciousness. It is the removal of past conditioning, limiting beliefs, and thoughts of lack that allows us to tap into this ever-present inner kingdom.

This week, I introduce my special guest, and significant other (!) Troy Ismir, and we share how we used the ancient wisdom to find each other against all odds! Troy, after living unfulfilled for a while, embarked on a personal journey to find his own understanding of Truth. He realized that seeking the kingdom of heaven meant finding his own inner peace and happiness. Letting go of past conditioning, he explored various spiritual paths,  Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Troy sold or gave away all his possessions and moved across the country,  a journey that mirrored the internal journey he was on to discover the kingdom of heaven within, letting go of past conditioning, limiting beliefs, of what was no longer needed. Practices like Qi Gong and meditation played a pivotal role in connecting with his true nature and revealing his inner Source of love, joy, peace, and happiness.

Troy and I both shared a belief in living according to these spiritual principles when we met. Each of us, instead of fixating on finding a partner, were focused on seeking first and embodying the qualities and characteristics we desired in a relationship. Troy emphasizes that attracting a fulfilling partnership starts with being fulfilled and whole within ourselves. He created a list of qualities he wanted to manifest in his partner, and then became the person he aspired to attract. By setting clear intentions, aligning with elevated emotions, and letting go, Troy allowed the Universe to orchestrate our meeting.

In our discussion, we highlighted the importance of turning within and seeking first the kingdom of heaven as an inward journey. I believe that withdrawing attention from external factors and finding alignment with our true nature reveals the joy and peace we are ultimately searching for. Troy echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that seeking the kingdom of heaven starts with letting go of past conditioning, exploring spiritual truths, and engaging in practices like Qigong and meditation. Through these practices, he discovered the joy of being in the present moment and connecting with his authentic self.

Troy stressed the significance of clarity in manifesting desires, and shares how he created a list to clearly represent his perfect partner, ensuring he was aligned with his own intentions and desires. And for me, when I am aligned with good, with God, resting in my natural state, I can feel joy, peace, and clarity that I want in my life, so I have that which I want to attract. We both emphasized the importance of feeling worthy, joyful, and fulfilled independently, which creates a foundation for attracting or participating in joyful and harmonious relationships.

Troy and I agree that in seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven, our natural state of being, we can experience love, peace, joy, harmony and flow with all life, thereby attracting all things we want, need and desire.

Remember, the kingdom of heaven lies not in a distant realm, but within the depths of your own being. By awakening to this truth, you can manifest a life filled with love, peace, joy, and fulfillment.Join me every Thursday for a new insight into living enlightened. If you missed last week, you can watch it here. You can click here or on the links below for my book and podcast.

elle cantey