are you ready to shift your focus, to see things differently, and
love your life?

This is the evolving Portal for your personal transformation. Welcome Home.

About the mentorship

through monthly engagement, I provide practical usable, real life tools for transformation in every area of your life. Our meetings will guide and inform you through the process of life-changing transformation.We will work together in ways you haven't even imagined yet!

if you are ready to love your life, and to create the changes that you want to see, call me...

I offer this mentorship to anyone who is serious about living in wholeness and oneness, and revealing the truth of their being. We are incredibly unique and special and we are meant to live unique and magnificent lives. we are never bound by the past, instead we are called to create a powerful now that spills effortlessly intO every area of our lives.

Explore tools, training and community to fully support your personal and professional transformation.

Get answers to questions, and resolutions to situations that have baffled you.

Integrate spirit, mind, & body for your inward, and outward success and fulfillment.

Each month we will spend time together to learn, to grow and to consciously create the changes we wish to see in our lives.

We uncover and release fear doubt and worry and unleash power focus and creativity to open the heart and mind and heal the body.

Here is where we learn to Love your Life

inside the mentorship

Expect monthly virtual Live Gatherings with Elizabeth, along with copious resources for your transformation. Already there are over 30+ videos, audios, and trainings awaiting you, with many more to come each month. you questions will be answered. you will be inspired and uplifted. and you will be forever changed.

monthly gathering

Our monthly live and recorded inspirational dialogue with tools and practices and points to ponder.


A collection of talks, writings, and presentations remembering the basics.

guest experts

An evolving collection of interactions with other experts with fresh points of view and a different voice.


Live and recorded meditations– guided and with silence–to use as tools for transformation and healing.

tools and tips

A evolving collection for focus, mindfulness and creativity always geared toward transformation.

weekly uplift

Weekly and daily affirmations, inspirations and videos to remind us of the turn of our being.

Welcome to Loving your Life

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