Elizabeth is a professional speaker, and whether you want  a 20 minute talk for your center or group, or a 60 minute keynote address sure to inspire, she delivers. She will design a talk customized to your needs, your program, your topic, your length. Or you can choose from a range of transformational topics that are designed to inform, uplift, and inspire.


Elizabeth Cantey is an uplifting speaker, teacher and seminar facilitator. She regularly provides transformational workshops for both private groups and spiritual centers. Participants will receive the tools they need to experience a greater understanding of themselves as a spiritual Being – living a life filled with meaning, divine purpose, divine right action, and fulfilling relationships in every area. 

Her workshops may include music, meditation, exploration, activities, journaling, and provide the perfect space for personal transformation. Her emphasis is providing attendees the practical tools for having a profound and transformational experience.

“Awakening the Enlightened Within” is a transformational workshop designed for people to experience their own powerful brilliant light and know themselves as Enlightened Everyday.

“The Enlightened Relationship” is a workshop designed for people in any type of relationship who wish to experience their connection with Spirit in their connection with each other.

check out a few of elizabeth's talks below

The Law and the Shark...

What's Cooking In Your Kitchen?

What's Your Story?

When we are in harmony with life’s principles, we experience harmony in our lives; and when we are ignoring or forgetting, not completely understanding principles of Truth, we encounter the effects of ‘breaking the law.’

How do we open ourselves up to the Infinite Field of Possibilities? Elizabeth Cantey explains… it’s a little like cooking!

We all have a story, or two, or ten… How do we let our past stories predict and limit who we are today?

COntact Me...