Inspiring People to Live Enlightened Everyday
Inspiring People to Live Enlightened Everyday


Stay Enlightened!

Now more than ever I have had to dive even deeper into my spiritual practices. The Corona Virus is deemed a global pandemic and our lives have changed. Our jobs, our families, the way we shop and go to school and even the way we communicate – maybe especially the way we communicate – has changed and we are constantly surrounded with local and global news that is stressful. We are challenged to take care of our bodies, our health and help our loved ones to stay especially healthy. Our spiritual practices, coupled with current guidelines to protect ourselves, are the best way I know of to ease the stress in our minds and in our bodies, therefore helping us to be healthy and peaceful in this unusual time.

While I do meditate for a while almost every morning and evening, meditation itself is not practical while I am going about my day.  So I practice different ways to bring the stillness, the enlightened consciousness of my meditations into all of my daily activities.

The following methods are my top ways to keep enlightened everyday and to release the stress that can build up in my mind and body.  These simple but powerful methods are easy to incorporate into any busy situation, anytime, day or night. I hope you can adapt these to your particular needs and I am sure as you do, you will find yourself more peaceful, more relaxed, stronger and healthier than before.

Just Breathe!

Breathing is our most vital human function.   Breath connects our human form with our Divine Life Force.  It connects us to here and now, the present moment. Over time, our breathing can become restricted or constrained as we deal with more and more stress. This is a simple and incredibly effective way to add vitality and paradoxically, peace, into every situation and activity of your day.

Slightly close your throat, and slowly breathe in through your nostrils, making a audible sound, like you were about to yawn.  Keeping the throat slightly closed, slowly breathe out, making the same sound.

Do this breath fairly slowly three to ten times before anything you are doing.

In some yoga classes it is called a “loud breath,” “yoga breath,” or “uijai breath.”  It comes from a group of yogic breathing techniques called Pranayama, which means “extending the Life Force.”  This audible breath connects you to the vital Life Force energy.

It is easy and effortless and takes no time at all, but this breath will change your life!  Try it.  Just for one day, for one week:  before you going shopping, before you get on the phone, before you speak to your kids or your boss or your financial advisor (especially before that!), before you eat, before you go to sleep, etc…

There is an old saying to count to ten before reacting to something.  And I would hold my breath, count to ten, and then let out everything that wanted to come out.  I was still reacting.  When I use this breath, all during the day, but especially in situations where I may be taken off guard, I stay more grounded.  I am able to respond to situations and events rather than react.  I feel as if I am coming from a place of peace and clarity rather than confusion.

When you interject this simple breath into your everyday activities, I know you will experience more peace and clarity as well!

Stay Conscious!

This is the most simple and effective way to be present and aware in life’s little situations!  These five words will begin to shift your everyday life into a state of enlightenment and bliss.

Simply say ( or think) the words:

I am conscious as I…

walk into this meeting;  listen to the news; open Facebook; open the refrigerator;  search for a snack; return this phone call;  speak to my parents;  reach my hand into this bag of chips;  wake up;  talk to my doctor;  walk into this store;  purchase these clothes; order my food at this restaurant; am grocery shopping; write this email, etc…

Being “conscious” has no judgement to it.  It is simply yourSelf watching what it is that you are doing.  It is an effortless and effective way to quiet the incessant chatter of your small mind and just realize what you are doing, what it is you want, and what it is you need to do next.

You may want to spend the extra money and splurge on something.  You may want to relish in the gobs of extra calories of a sumptuous dessert.  You may want to let your hair down and have that extra class of wine.  Or you may just be doing it unconsciously.  By using this phrase “I am conscious” – you are invoking your awareness, which brings clarity and choice.  Situations won’t dictate themselves to you –yourSelf will be in control, and you will revel in your choices.  Isn’t that how it should be?

I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten up to go to the refrigerator while I am writing, only to get there, be conscious about what I was doing, close the door, and go outside for a walk or bike ride .  I wasn’t hungry, but just needed a break. Being conscious, I could choose to go for a walk, make a phone call, or go back to work without mindlessly eating when I wasn’t hungry.

I invite you to try this technique around just one area of your life where you are trying to bring about change: in your relationship, your spending, your eating,  at work, etc…  Be ready for powerful changes!

Choice is empowering, and being conscious brings freedom from reactivity.  You can respond to life and feel great about it.

Be Grateful!

Gratitude is one of the highest levels of awareness.  “If the only prayer you said was ‘thank you,’ that would be enough.”  Meister Eckhart

The moment that it takes to be in gratitude is a life changing moment!  The Universe says – look at her, she is abundant and she is grateful, yes!  Give her more to be thankful for!  That is the law of the Universe.  It will bring you more of what you are aware of: Health, Wealth, Love, Peace, Joy… everyday!

Whenever I eat, I take the smallest moment to realize that my body will take whatever nutrients it needs and will eliminate all that it does not.  I am grateful.  And I say this whether I am eating a cupcake or a sweet potato!

Whenever I pay bills, taxes, pay for dinner out, I am grateful and thankful to be able to do it.  I am amazingly grateful for this thing called credit, and atms, banks, and savings…  It’s all part of this miracle money system that others put together and I get to enjoy and participate in!

Whenever I enjoy someone helping me, at the grocery, at the post office or carwash, I especially try to remember not to take their service for granted, but to be especially grateful.  Because people helping us when we really need it is life changing!

Gratitude reminds you that it is not you doing the work!  When you get the small mind, the ego, out of the way, the All That There Is takes over and does the work for you!  It runs the body and heals it.  It directs you to your Health, to your Wealth, to your highest Love, to your deepest Peace!