Inspiring People to Live Enlightened Everyday
Inspiring People to Live Enlightened Everyday

Elizabeth Cantey

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”     Dalai Lama

Elizabeth is an authentic communicator dedicated to the awakening of consciousness of the individual, and the human race on the planet.  She conducts talks, workshops and seminars based on the transformational processes she has developed from her years of personal transformation, and is currently writing her first book, “Enlightened Everyday – 25 Practices to help you Love, Laugh, and Live Enlightened.”  She embodies living Enlightened Everyday through her daily practices, her community outreach, and her commitment to be. here. now.

“It pains me to see so many humans not laughing and playing.  Not feeling the sense of deep connectedness that brings unconditional love into our lives.  Not creating the paradise that is our birthright to create! Only because they are not identifying with their spiritual Self, they are living their lives as a human being, occasionally having a spiritual experience.  We are Spiritual Beings living in a wonderful playground of humanity!  If I can participate in any way in the unfoldment of joy, of greatness, of unconditional Love, in the lives of others, I am so grateful.  I feel so blessed to have had so many great and loving spiritual mentors in my life, and so many opportunities for my spiritual growth and expression.  We are spiritual beings on this planet for the soul purpose of creating a three dimensional world filled with love and light.  We are here to experience Love and Peace and Joy – all the qualities of God – in form, as people, places, activity and creativity!”

Elizabeth Cantey, founder and director of Enlightened Everyday llc, is a licensed minister through the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has been a licensed practitioner through Agape International and Rev. Michael Beckwith (starring in “The Secret,” featured on Oprah, and Larry King Live).  Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree in spiritual studies and comparative religions, and is currently in the process of getting her doctorate in the same.  She has studied and taught meditation with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and taught the Sudarshan Kriya yoga, a breathing yoga, through The Art of Living.  She has had a  successful private practice as a spiritual life coach for over 15 years.