Love Your Life!

Live Your Passion!

After all of the shifts and changes in the past year....
you may be feeling a little off...
a little stressed...
or maybe even a lot stressed...

It's not always easy to feel when our energy shifts over time.
Stress builds up. Fear gets stuck in our body. Thoughts of lack and limitation get stuck in our mind.

And we are not the joyful, healthy, resourceful person we know we could be.

We're not loving our life...
We're not living our passion...

It's time to get whole,
get healthy, get happy....
It's time to integrate spirit, mind and body.

When we are healthy, we create the changes we want to see in our life. And we let go of the things, the thoughts and the habits that no longer serve us.

We develop thoughts, ideas, and habits that integrate spirit, mind and body so we feel more balanced, in the flow, and in harmony with life.

We remember how to love life again. We feel peace as our mind releases the negative and revels in the positive, and we feel the energy and vitality return to our body.

We live our passion, and our days are full of joy!

Do you watch shows and interviews like
Oprah's Super Soul Sunday?
You love the message but have no idea how to incorporate
that information into your daily life?

That's what I do...

I’m Elizabeth Cantey.

I am passionate about helping people to love their their life and live their passion. 

I hold a doctorate in consciousness studies with an emphasis on exploring world mysticism and have spent years studying with great teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Michael Beckwith, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra and many more to unlock the secrets of living a successful and joyful life.

I spent years searching for the ‘hidden’ meaning of life, the full reason why we’re here and what the heck we are supposed to be doing! The cool thing is ––I discovered all the answers to all that I was looking for! I have created tools and practices to simply the learning process that I went through. I now help people integrate spirit mind and body in order to live each day with a sense of purpose, passion and wholeness.

I have written a book entitled Living Enlightened –– 25 Practices Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body. I wrote this book as a condensed commentary of some of the practices that led to my standing in the light of Oneness and Wholeness. Enlightenment is not a destination, but it is a journey. The book, along with the workbook will be available soon. 

I have had a successful coaching and speaking career for 23 years and I look forward to helping you to discover ways to love your life and live your passion.

Working with Elizabeth has changed my life. She opened my eyes to the possibilities of rediscovering my dreams and creating them as my new reality! At my age! She is kind, but she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, either. I am grateful to have had her as a big part of my new life.               Jenny R.

Love Your Life!

Live Your Passion!

Join me for a 12 week Transformational Journey!

One-to-One coaching program to lift you to new levels of
awareness, and integrate your spirit, mind, and body.
(Now with a bonus introductory session!)

  • First we do an introductory session (we’ll meet virtually via zoom) to get to know each other and access your needs, wants, and goals.
  • We go over your values and vision  and life purpose and determine how you are in or out of alignment with them. We’ll determine short term and longer term goals for you.
  • Using consciousness tools and practices, we identify the blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your desires, loving your life, and living your passion.
  • Through consciousness tools and practices, you’ll release and transcend the limiting beliefs that cause these blockages and release the habits and things that no longer serve you. 
  • Throughout the sessions, I share my unique meditation and visioning techniques so you are receptive to new ideas, new paradigms, and new possibilities.
  • You’ll connect with your mind and remember that we are not our thoughts, we don’t have to believe our thoughts. We discover that we are the powerful amazing consciousness behind the thoughts. 
  • You’ll connect with your intuition, your highest self and get to know yourself in a whole new way. 
  • You’ll connect with your body and remember how to listen intuitively to your body’s needs and desires in order for you to experience the energy and vitality that you know is possible.
  • I’ll share unique tools and practices that will align and integrate your spirit, mind and body so that you may live your greatest life yet.
  • You’ll create the life you love. You will live your passion!

12 Week Online
Transformational Coaching Program.

What to expect:

Twelve one hour, one-to-one sessions with Elizabeth on Zoom.
Plus one free 45 minute introductory session.

You will rediscover your vision, values and purpose and release
fear, worry and doubt in order to love your life!

You'll receive access to journals, ebooks and workbooks created
just for your journey.

You'll receive 6 guided meditations created by Elizabeth for you,
for your specific transformational journey.

What is the value of loving your life?
What is the value of living your passion?
What is the value of fulfilling your dreams?

12 Week transformational Coaching Program

New Sessions begins February 1, 2021

What is the value of understanding
peace, joy and love in your life?
There is a value in that...
Now ask yourself, what is the value of

peace, love and joy in your life?

Which program is right for you?

Love Your Life!

Are you ready to create the changes you want to see in your life? Are you ready to love your life? Do you want more energy, more time, more fun? Better health, better relationships, a better view of things? I will share with you the tools and practices to integrate your spirit, mind and body in oder to help you love your life!

beach, birds, dawn

live Your Passion!

Are you in a life transition? Have you experienced a job loss or change?  Or are you being called from the heart into a new vocation? Are you ready for a new direction, a new passion?  We will explore your values and vision for your life, and rediscover your life’s purpose so you can live your passion!
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live Enlightened!

Enlightenment is the state of consciousness in which we feel and know our oneness and wholeness with all of Life. We can work hard to uncover old limiting habits, negative thought patterns, and false beliefs.  We can work hard on affirmations, journaling, therapy… OR we can transcend. We transcend the ego by accessing our enlightened state of consciousness through practices and tools that I share with you. 

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Your Transformational Journey!

What in your life is calling to be transformed? your health, your wealth, your relationships? What dreams are ready to be reborn, and what are you ready to release? We can work on anything you would like, and I will guide you to experience a more authentic you.

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Live Enlightened!

Integrate Your Spirit, Mind and Body!

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Transformational Coaching -
12 Sessions
Plan 1 – Pay in Full


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Transformational Coaching -
12 Sessions
Plan 2 – 2 Payments


pathway, beach, sand

Transformational Coaching -
12 Sessions
Plan 3 – 4 Payments


What are the negative thoughts, negative situations, negative relationships costing you?

  • your health?
  • your relationships?
  • your success?
  • your time?

Isn’t it time to develop into a new way of living.

Love your life!   Live your passion!  Sign up now!

I loved having the support and understanding that Elizabeth provided for me. I needed some drastic changes in my life and wasn’t ready to create them. I didn’t know how. She gave me tools and practices and worksheets to keep me on track. I am in a much better place than I could’ve imagined 6 months ago. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Missy K.  Coaching Client

I was in a new job and couldn’t make it work until I went through Elizabeth’s transformational coaching program. I sold my first big project the first week! She helped me realize what was holding me back. And overcome them. 

Robert B.   Coaching Client

Inspiring people to love their life since 1998...

Are you loving your life?

We are meant to be happy. We are meant to love our life ––this incredible and unique life that we’ve been given. I can help you unlock the secret to being happy––not some time in the future––but right now.

The key is in knowing how the universe works. And how it can work for you.

When I moved here my life was so messy. I felt completely lost. I didn’t realize that such a big chunk of my life was missing. I found peace when I found Elizabeth!

john g.   Coaching Client

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