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Elizabeth Cantey is the founder of Enlightened Everyday, an organization with the intent to inspire people to live enlightened by integrating spirit, mind and body. Her first book is entitled Living Enlightened, and will soon be available.

Elizabeth holds a doctorate in consciousness studies, as well as a master’s in the same field. She is a new thought minister and has been a practitioner through Agape with Rev. Michael Beckwith since 1998. She is a licensed teacher with The Art of Living and teaches Sudarshan Kriya and has studied with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She has also studied with  Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and many others…

Elizabeth Cantey is an uplifting and inspirational speaker, teacher, and seminar facilitator. She regularly provides transformational talks for both private groups and spiritual centers and is currently offering spiritually enlightening courses and workshops, and teaching classes on world religions and world mysticism at the University of North Florida.

my story...

I never set out to be a spiritual coach or teacher––I set out to fix what felt broken in me. I felt lost, even though I had a happy childhood, good parents, and good friends and family. I still felt like something was missing, like I wasn’t given a few pieces of the puzzle. My Catholic upbringing didn’t answer the plethora of questions I had about the nature of God, of the Universe and, well, how life worked… Have you ever felt like that? With all that I had, I felt oddly alone, and like I couldn’t figure out true happiness. How could I have so much and still feel so lost?

I searched through religions for answers, but it wasn’t until I studied the world’s mystic traditions that I found an integrative path that led to wholeness. My transformation was slow and steady––always 2 steps forward and 5 steps back. I wasn’t pushed by pain as some people are––as I said, I had a relatively happy life.

Looking into my life now––you might not know that anything has changed. I’m still chopping wood and fetching water, as the Buddhist saying goes… But my life is so full. It feels like every moment of every day has purpose and meaning and joy. I love my life! And I have been able to live my passion.

It doesn’t mean that problems don’t come, they do. I have had a few things shake me to my core, such as my teenage son being very sick for a long time with some very bad prognoses. If I didn’t have these teachings, I am not sure we would have seen the healthy outcome that we both experienced.

It took me a long time to learn what I know. I’ve been to many retreats, workshops, and taken what seems like an infinite amount of classes––and then I taught an infinite amount of retreats, workshops, and classes!  I know that living a life in joy and harmony doesn’t have to take the time that it took me. I know that we can change our lives the moment we commit to doing it. All that we all need is some guidance, direction, and inspiration. 

And that is what I am here for!

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Inspiring people to live enlightened by integrating spirit, mind and body.